Analytics and reporting

THE NALA keeps you informed

THE NALA's Reputation & Directory Management lets you monitor keyword ranking trends on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Automatically track how your keywords are performing over time to be able to best optimize your efforts.

Short on time?

We have you covered. We'll send your reports to your inbox and keep you updated on the review sites that need your attention, your listings, reviews, and Google and Facebook analytics.

You decide who receives the reports and how often.

Monitor online activity

View how many calls came into your business last month from Google or how many people visited your website through Facebook. Track how many have clicked on any call to action buttons from your website or posts on Google and Facebook.

Analytics is key to monitoring the success of your efforts

Get your comprehensive analytics right from one place for all your locations.

Search ranking is an important part of your online visibility. THE NALA's Reputation & Directory Management monitors your ranking and shows you changes over time.

Customize your view to focus on a specific time period for analytics for a review request campaign to get clear-cut results.

Inform your decisions.

Reputation & Directory Management

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