Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Your free trial will last for 14 days. During your trial, you will have full access to your dashboard to check the status of your business listings, request reviews from your customers, monitor your keywords and manage and respond to reviews. As part of your free trial, your business is listed and optimized on up to 50 top directory sites and search engines.

You will be billed once your trial period is over (on the 15th day) and then automatically renewed every 30 days.

A site shows “Connected” when it was manually connected via a username and password. You will need to log in to be in that particular account when you go to click Connect.

“Listing Synced” means the site was connected without the use of a username and password. Sites have different ways of allowing users to update their data.

Simply click on the blue “Connect” button to verify your listings! First, you will need to sign in to your business accounts for Facebook, Yelp, Google and YellowPages (if you have logins for these sites); then sign in to your NALA RDM dashboard account and click on the blue connect button by each unverified listing.

When we update your business details, the number of “currently synced” sites on your dashboard will temporarily drop while re-syncing across the sites. It takes approximately 24-48 hours for business details to update.

Most listing sites will not accept Virtual Office Space addresses, P.O. Boxes, or mail service centers. They recommend using a home address and choosing the option to hide the address for the listing. What does “Hide My Address” mean? The listing sites require an address. When using a home address and hiding it, this allows the search engines to find your business for local searches.

Currently, we offer one username/password to login, but we will have the ability to add additional users in the future.

We can set up multiple locations for you that you will be able to access all from the one dashboard. Each location requires an additional fee. Call us at 866-767-3238 or email to learn more.

Please include your social media accounts on your sign-up form. We can add Facebook, Google and Foursquare to your listings. If you don’t add them on your form during sign-up, give us a call at 866-767-3238 or email

Review Generation

The best way to establish a good reputation online is to generate enough positive reviews to discount the effectiveness of negative reviews, as well as responding to all negative or neutral comments. This is easily done with your new Dashboard. Once your accounts are connected, simply click “Respond” under the “Interactions” tab to respond directly to your customers.

The review generation feature allows you to prompt customers to provide feedback. Customers who provide a 1, 2 or 3 star reviews are directed to fill out a form which will come directly back to you, so that you can address their concerns. If a customer includes a review with 4 or more stars, they are prompted to post on the review site you have included in your email. We recommend sending them out in a batches rather than 1 bulk email.

You can add these types of custom sites into the email templates when requesting reviews.

You can choose your own email content or use our templates provided.

  1. In the Review Generation tab, click Settings.
  2. Choose the Pre-Screen option, unless requesting a review for Google.
  3. Click on the pencils to open up the templates for your follow-up emails and use the template shown or create your own email.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go back to the Review Generation tab and click Send Invites. Here is where you will enter your customer information and choose your review sites you are requesting them to post on. You can also add in a custom review site specific to your industry.

You can send up to 3 emails to your customers; the initial request and then up to 2 more follow-ups, if they do not respond. You also choose how far apart you want these emails sent.

You can either upload a csv file with your customer’s information or you can add in your customers one by one. There are fields on the dashboard prompting you to add in a first and last name, email address or phone number for your customer.

You can see reviews on your dashboard in the Interactions tab.

With the review generation emails, you will receive an email back from your customer with a negative comment before that customer is prompted to post online. We suggest you respond to that email to address their concern(s). Replying to all reviews is important, especially the negative ones.

You will receive regular emails and reports with new reviews.

Keywords / Rankings

The Rankings tab is a tool for you to see where your keywords are performing online. This shows what page your business is coming up on for Google, Bing and Yahoo when using that particular keyword on the list. Organic search happens when search engines decide there’s no local intent in the search. The searcher is looking for information rather than a specific location. Local search happens when a user searches for industry + location. The search engine knows that the search has local intent.

To update your keywords, just log in to your dashboard and go to the keywords tab.

If it shows no match, use this as a tool to regroup on your on-page SEO (website) and be sure it is optimized for Google/Yahoo/Bing and contains relevant keywords to your industry both within the source code and in the webpages text.

The rankings also depend on how people in your businesses area are searching for services. In addition to your website, create content using keywords, position yourself in your industry, interact with your audience on social media, and driving traffic to your optimized website.

For more information about keywords, check out this blog:

You will still retain ownership of your major listings like Google, Facebook, Foursquare etc. and can go to the additional individual sites to keep them updated and active. Some site may require you to create an account with them to make updates.

After your free trial, you will automatically be renewed monthly. If at any point you choose to stop services, we do not hold your data hostage. Cancelling your subscription does not overwrite the updates made through your dashboard and will not force your listings to revert. Your directory listings will become subject to the normal data compilation process of each publisher, which may result in your data and content changing over time.


You can view reviews and interactions from your customers from the dashboard. You can also respond to both negative and positive reviews or comments right from your dashboard for Facebook, Yelp and Google.

Please first check that the social media account is connected in your dashboard. Currently, we offer the option to respond to reviews directly from the dashboard for Google, Facebook and Yelp. If there are other sites you have reviews, please login to those sites directly to respond.

This website does not support Internet Explorer

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