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THE NALA provides businesses effective and efficient ways to reach prospective customers online. We work to maximize visibility for our clients using Reputation & Directory Management which gets a business discovered, and helps to build and maintain their reputation. Through our Media Campaign, we create positive content through press releases to keep a business active online and stand out among their competitors. Additionally, we connect our businesses with a local and global network of partner charities, offering co-branding opportunities which not only do good in the world but help elevate these businesses within their communities through cause marketing initiatives.

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THE NALA's CEO Jeffrey Rosenthal created local grocery store advertising over thirty years ago and was instrumental in forging the path of the local advertising industry. Using his extensive experience with small and medium-sized businesses, Rosenthal, CEO of EBS Executive Business Services, an international advertising agency, opened STARKART, ultimately providing the largest advertising network for grocery cart advertising throughout the US and Canada. Years later, THE NALA was formed to provide online marketing needs as businesses moved into the digital era.

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